The city of Las Vegas, NV has a population of 613,295 and a population density of 4,551 people per square mile. There are a total of 26 Las Vegas, NV neighborhoods. Adjoining cities include Henderson and Boulder City. Our service areas include 8 (eight) neighborhoods nearest us.

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Las Vegas Geo Coordinates:

Lat: 36.1251958

Long: -115.3150837

1. Downtown Las Vegas

To be clear: Downtown Las Vegas is NOT The Strip—though it’s close. Downtown is, as you’d expect, similar to most other cities’ downtown’s: it’s dense, full of high-rise apartments, and makes life without a car possible. What’s particularly cool about DTLV (that’s what the hip people call it) is that back in the ‘50s and ‘60s, this was the epicenter of Las Vegas; the last couple decades have seen a huge revitalization of the area, which means historical, unkempt buildings are now home to hipster-friendly coffee shops, artisan furniture shops, and tattoo parlors. Foodies, rejoice: this is where the city’s best local restaurants are.

2. Arts District

One of the fastest growing neighborhoods in Las Vegas is an offshoot of DTLV: 18b Arts District. It’s the kind of funky area you might imagine finding in Boulder, Colorado or San Francisco, tucked away just between DTLV and The Strip. Everything feels very grassroots-y and eclectic, with lots of small boutiques selling art, furniture, clothing, and everything else you can think of—not to mention tons of cool street art to peruse. Apartments in the area are a mix of old Vegas-style (a little bit Art Deco, a little bit ‘60s chic) and newer southwestern-style, but almost all can be had at a total steal. Get in before this area totally blows up and impress all your future friends.

3. The Strip

If all of the above ‘hoods just sound too boring and not Vegas enough for you, living on The Strip is always an option—just be ready to throw down some serious cash. Space in the area is at a premium, and most of the apartments and condos that have been built in the not too distant past are fancy-schmancy. But, hey, if you want to really live that Vegas life, why not? You could always just head downstairs and pop into your closest local casino and win big.

4. The Lakes

The Lakes is an affluent 2-square-mile (5.2 km2) planned community located within the city limits of Las Vegas, Nevada. It is located in the western part of the Las Vegas Valley near the Spring Mountains and Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. The centerpiece of the community, and its namesake, is a large man-made lake, Lake Sahara. It was originally planned to have two man-made lakes but was downscoped to one. It was built from the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s, and at the time was at the edge of development in the valley. It consists of a mixture of gated communities consisting of large single-family homes, condominia, commercial areas and offices.

5. Spring Valley

One of the best attractions in Spring Valley is the Bright Valley Farms. There you can ride horses from beginner style to advance. They also allow you to feed the horses and have two small trails, with one for running and one for walking. There is also a place called Air Time that has jumping balloons, inflatable obstacle courses and arcade games. The Communities in Spring Valley are very very nice, but that may be because Las Vegas Strip is located two miles away. The houses are well kept and lots of parks. I also think that when there are people outside jogging and walking it says good things about a community. There is a great mix of old world charm as well as new modern architecture. The restaurants in Spring Valley are very nice. Nora’s Cuisine is really top of the line with their service and food. Other great restaurants are Cafe Mastrioni, Kabob Palace and Black Bear Diner. There are not many night clubs in Spring Valley but that is probably because the clubs would go out of business. The Las Vegas Strip is so close that no one would go to clubs in Spring Valley.

6. Sunrise Manor

Sunrise Manor is located about 20 minutes North East of Las Vegas really does include the Stallion Mountain Golf Club, which is a very nice gated senior community. The city area is rather bland, the scenery is exactly what you would expect: desert like and there is practically no entertainment! There is no mall or dedicated shopping inside of Sunrise, NV.

7. Winchester

Winchester is a great place to live with a lot of things to do. Living in Winchester is the best for anyone with allergies due to the dry climate and the air quality being much better than other places. Summers are not bad here because the heat is dry and not humid. It is very easy to find a job here and the economy is making a lot of positive growth. Although we have dry heat in the summer, some days can be unbearable especially once it gets over 100 degrees. The best thing about Winchester is that everything is air-conditioned making it much easier to enjoy the weather and activities. A disadvantage of living here is that we have a lot of tourist due to the casino businesses. However, tourism does keep most of us employed so it can be a pro and a con. The home prices are still more reasonable than California, but the prices are rising.

8. Summerlin

Think of Summerlin like a fancier, smaller Henderson. The feeling is much less suburban sprawl, thanks in part to the area being designed by Howard Hughes. It’s probably not the best choice if you’ve got a young family, but if you’re on you’re childless and you love the outdoors, it’s right up your alley—especially if you want to be as far away from The Strip as possible. Just west of Summerlin is the Red Rock Canyon National Park, which gives you plenty of hiking and biking options…though it also just makes a killer backdrop to your home or golf game. Downtown Summerlin recently added a massive high-end shopping and dining complex, so don’t worry, you won’t have to drive 30 minutes into the city for a meal.