Recreational Cannabis is taxed at the rate of 18.25% in Clark County, Nevada.

So, if you purchase $100 of Recreational Cannabis, your total amount due including sales tax is $118.25

Nevada Recreational Marijuana Excise Tax is 10%
Clark County Sales Tax is 8.25%
TOTAL TAX = 18.25%

Nye County Tax Rate is 7.600%.
Pahrump, NV is in Nye County.



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    Tax Revenue collected from the cultivation of Recreational Cannabis will be funneled toward schools, and revenue from recreational marijuana sales tax will go towards the Nevada state’s rainy day fund.

    How Marijuana Money Ends Up In Schools…

    Only the 15 percent wholesale tax on both recreational and medical marijuana will aid public education. That tax is projected to rake in $56.2 million this biennium, the governor’s office estimates. Fees from applications, licenses and medical cards — projected at $7.1 million — will also go toward the Distributive School Account.

    But some of that revenue must pay for the Department of Taxation’s costs to regulate the industry. Also, governments can tap $5 million of the marijuana tax revenue per year to help offset the costs of regulation.

    The remainder — a projected $20 million in each of the next two years — will end up in the Distributive School Account.

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    You must be at least 21 years of age to purchase Recreational Cannabis.

    You must show proof of your age by your Driver’s License or State Authored Identification Card.

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    Only Cash is Accepted.

    However, most dispensaries have an ATM in their stores for easy access to cash.

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    Anyone over age 21 can legally buy 28 grams per day, which equals one Ounce.

    You are allowed to have only 1 Ounce in your possession at all times.

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    Smoking recreational Cannabis is ONLY allowed in a private residence.

    NOTE: As Nevada state legislators continue to create more laws, this law of consumption may change in the future.

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    Some recreational Cannabis dispensaries offer delivery services.

    Check their listing to find out for sure…or simply call them and ask.

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    Nope. So Sorry.

    Recreational Cannabis is not allowed at the airport, bus station, or allowed to be carried across the Nevada state line.

    Any Cannabis products that are purchased must be consumed in the state of Nevada and may not be transported across state lines.

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    Cannabis, and products containing Cannabis may only be sold by licensed retailers in Nevada.

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    Most local dispensaries allow orders to be made on their websites and call in orders to be picked up at their location.

    Simply check their listing or call them to ask.


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    Yes, some dispensaries stay open 24/7!

    Presently, only Recreational Cannabis Dispensaries in North Las Vegas are allowed to stay open 24 hours, everyday.

    However, the Oasis Dispensary Cannabis Dispensary located at 1800 S Industrial Rd #180, Las Vegas, NV 89102 is now open 27/7 too.

    Note: More Las Vegas Cannabis Dispensaries will soon be allowed to operate 24/7 too.

    Simply check their listing.

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    You can stop by a Cannabis Dispensary and legally buy marijuana to smoke. As long as you are 21 years of age and more, all you need is a government issued identification and the Cannabis Dispensary staff will sell you cannabis. However, there are some clear boundaries to consider…

    However, there are some clear boundaries to consider…” Read All About It On Our Blog!

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