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Vegas is quickly gaining the Reputation as the Cannabis Capital of the World!

For example, The Planet 13 Cannabis Superstore and Entertainment Complex is the largest recreational marijuana marketplace worldwide.

The Planet 13 building spans 112,000 square feet with astounding interactive entertainment experiences that appeal to both cannabis aficionados and the general public.

Second largest, The NuWu Cannabis Marketplace is the second largest recreational marijuana marketplace worldwide. The building spans nearly 16,000 square feet with 170 feet of display counters dedicated to recreational marijuana. NuWu even provides a convenient drive-thru window to assist disabled customers that have limited mobility.

With over 44 million visitors to Las Vegas this year alone, 60% are buying Legal Cannabis and Marijuana infused edibles during their stay. Las Vegas offers more than 40 Cannabis Dispensaries citywide, with more to open soon. Our Exclusive Cannabis Dispensary Listings are developed not by reviews, but by our secret algorithm of internet posts by normal customers.

VegasReputation Cannabis Directory is perfect for searching Recreational Cannabis Dispensaries in Las Vegas. We list and support Las Vegas area Dispensaries ONLY. By listing Recreational Cannabis Dispensary information on our site, we provide GPS algorithms to quickly find the Dispensaries nearest you and provide Exclusive Dispensary Special Deals, Offers and Events.

VegasReputation dot com presents the most comprehensive and informative Cannabis Dispensary Directory in Las Vegas, which lists every state licensed Recreational Cannabis Dispensary; along with their location(s), business hours, phone number, website, social media channels, distinct attributes, marijuana strains & other products available, events, ratings and rankings. Search by keyword, location, or zip-code.

You may find differences in reviews/opinions about various Cannabis strains and products, but you won’t find any bad reviews about our Las Vegas Cannabis Dispensary customer service or products.

We encourage customers to not post reviews, we’ll leave those biases to the social media channels. ?

Our Exclusive Las Vegas Cannabis Dispensary Listings Reputation Scores are not developed  by reviews, but by our secret algorithm of curated internet posts by normal customers.

The State of Nevada has the most stringent cannabis testing requirements of any state in the union.

Nevada state takes public health concerns seriously and ensures that marijuana sold in the state is free of harmful pathogens and parasites.

Nevada law requires cannabis companies to have samples of their products tested by licensed independent laboratories. Here’s how that process works:

— Labs collect samples of raw marijuana products from cultivators and producers (the companies that make edibles, concentrates, etc). Cultivators and producers cannot sell any part of those batches until after the product has been tested.

— Labs screen the samples for toxic metals, fungi and pesticides, and verify the potency of marijuana products to ensure consistency.

— If the sample passes all screenings, the company can sell the product to dispensaries.

— If it fails, the cultivator or producer must dispose of the entire batch of product.

They have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to regulatory noncompliance, even in cases where good lab practices are not followed but there is no imminent public health concern.

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